Here's when Canadians can spot October's full Hunter's moon

Oct 4 2021, 5:07 pm

Everybody loves an autumnal full moon, and October’s will take to the skies later this month.

The full moon for the month of October can be seen in the skies on October 19 and 20. This month’s full moon is called the Hunter’s Moon.

This month’s full moon won’t be especially bigger or brighter than September’s full Harvest Moon, but it will appear low in the sky for several evenings, according to EarthSky.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, moons were assigned names by Indigenous people to track the seasons. Now, the Old Farmer’s Almanac uses a combination of Indigenous names, colonial names, and other traditional names for the moons throughout the year.

October’s Hunter’s Moon is named as such because it is when animals are fattening up for the winter months, a good time for hunters to get the biggest bang for their buck.

Names of the moon vary by geographical area and among different Indigenous groups. The Hunter’s moon is also known by other names. The Falling Leaves Moon is an Anishinaabe name given to the October moon to mark the seasonal changes. The Cree name for the October moon is the Migrating Moon to mark the time when birds fly south. The Haida name for this month’s moon is Ice Moon, to mark the cold temperatures coming in. Similarly, the Ojibwe name for the moon is Freezing Moon.

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