18 stunning shots of last night's fiery sunset in Vancouver (PHOTOS)

Jun 26 2017, 11:09 pm

It’s no secret that Vancouver’s mountains, beaches, and stunning skyline offer any budding photographer an amazing canvas to work with, so when you throw a picture-perfect sunset into the mix, the cameras are out in full force.

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As an almost too-good-to-be-true finale for what felt like the first real summer weekend we’ve seen all year, the clouds and sun worked their magic for all those Vancouverites who just happened to be outside… which was basically anyone who wasn’t at work.

Here’s a few of the best shots we could find of what was just the first of many beautiful summer sunsets we’ll be enjoying this year. *fingers crossed*

Hot day + spectacular sunset = amazing Sunday

Just imagine the view from one of those planes

A solid spot to watch day become night

What an incredible sunset tonight, the best I’ve seen in quite a while!! #Ourbeautifulplanet

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The water’s mirroring makes it twice as nice

Who doesn’t like a soft shade of orange with their evening?

Not a bad backdrop for a quick photo op

Vancouver Island got a show as well!

Head in the clouds ☀

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A bad night for dead camera batteries

[Place mandatory English Bay Inukshuk photo here]

Sunday Evenings…

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There’s no mixed emotions about how much we love this sunset

You’d think there was a volcanic eruption of some sort…

Like a bridge over gloooowing waaaaaters

When those north-facing windows really pay off

When the sky is orange…#vancouverdowntown #vancouver #sunset #vancity #summer #awesomeview

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If you’ve a sudden hunger for cotton candy… you’re not alone

Love this city!

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Would it truly be an Instagram roundup without a shot of the Telus World of Science?

Sunday evenings in Vancity

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I don’t know why you would ever drive AWAY from a view like that

A perfect night to be on the water

What a beautiful city

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