Vote for Herbert the Astronaut! Vancouverite Very Close To Winning World Space Ride Contest

Dec 19 2017, 8:14 am

Herbert the Astronaut began his campaign 6 months ago for the AXE Apollo Space Contest. You may have seen him campaigning all over BC in his astronaut suit participating in events, hanging with celebrities, and shooting videos, with the focus of garnering votes for his dream of going into space. He is very close. Herbert currently ranks 12th out of 6,000 contenders from around the world and you can vote for Herbert today, with only 3 days left to go!

Herbert’s mission states: “Join me on this most amazing journey by supporting my life long dream of going in space. By following my passion and doing things that are out of the ordinary I hope to inspire others so they too can experience their dream.”

During his journey, Herbert the Astronaut has met Gene Simmons, ran in a hamster ball during a BC Lions game in front of thousands, met NHL player and social media superstar Paul Bissonette (BizNasty), ran the Vancouver Sun Run, taught people with a disability how to ski and snowboard at Grouse and did a Harlem shake video on Youtube. His favorite part is hearing about other people’s dreams.

As part of Herbert’s efforts to get votes he has been wearing a space suit every single day over the past six months. Herbert the Astronaut has handed out thousands of flyers and offered free hugs, inspiring those he met with his unwavering efforts to make his dream of going to space a reality.

Thanks to a huge story that just ran in a Belgium paper about his dream, Herbert is inching closer to the top.

Herbert the Astronaut only needs 500 more people to vote for him online at before August 31st to have a shot at winning. Also check out to follow his journey. Let’s get our guy into space.