Help give Stanley the dog a leg up for a better life in Abbotsford

Dec 19 2017, 11:54 am

The Abbotsford SPCA is looking for donations so that Stanley, a two-year-old retriever cross dog, can receive a much-needed orthopaedic brace leg.

Stanley was hit by a car when he was just three months old, and the severity of the injuries to his front left leg required amputation. Depending on just one front leg for much of his life to date, it resulted in a deformation to his remaining front leg, which now requires medical attention.

He recently came under the care of the SPCA, who have described him as a friendly companion with a lot of love to give.

“We took Stanley to the vet and while he could live out the rest of his days with the deformed leg, he will likely be in a lot of pain when arthritis sets in,” says Abbotsford BC SPCA Branch manager Jodi Dunlop. “Since he is already missing one front leg, this would really shorten his ability to thrive as a normal, happy and healthy dog.”

SPCA staff say the orthopaedic brace needs to be cast by a specialist and will cost upward of $1,500. By providing the support to help stabilize and straighten his front right leg, it will provide Stanley with a better chance at living a full and active life.

Donations for Stanley’s new leg can be made online or in person at 34312 Industrial Way, Abbotsford. You can also make additional donations to help cover the veterinarian costs of other animals in need of medical attention.


Feature Image: BC SPCA