Helium balloon causes power outage for more than 12,000 in North Vancouver

Oct 3 2018, 6:55 pm

A sizeable number of BC Hydro customers in North Vancouver were hit with a power outage this morning. 12,000, to be exact.

According to media spokesperson Mora Scott, a metallic helium balloon came into contact at the Capilano Substation.

“Witnesses reported seeing balloons come into contact with the power line,” says Scott. “Unfortunately, when crews arrived, the balloons had burned up.”

Power went out just before 8 am. Fortunately, all 12,000 customers had power back within the hour.

“We’re not sure where the balloon came from,” explains Scott.

Scott warns for customers with Mylar balloons to look up and be aware, especially when they’re around power lines.

“They conduct electricity extremely well and when it contacts our line, it can cause a short circuit to some of our equipment. Latex and metallic streamers can also be excellent conductors of electricity.” says Scott.

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