Check out Vancouver's newest (and brightest) public art installation

Dec 27 2017, 4:57 pm

Vancouver’s West End just got a little more colourful thanks to the glowing installation called ‘The Heart of Davie Village’, the newest addition to Lumiere’s series of light art scattered around the city.

The four-by-four foot heart-shaped neon sign was unveiled earlier this week right next to the Fountainhead Pub at 1025 Davie Street.

The double-sided neon piece reaches 10 feet vertically and was created using materials like glass tubes and steel to achieve the electrifying light effect that now hangs about three metres above the street.

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‘The Heart of Davie Village’ aims to celebrate the diversity of the West End and the vibrancy of the Davie Village. It’s intended to be a sign of support and inclusion for the LGBTQ2+ community, and its location was selected to recognize the historical importance Davie Village played in contributing to political advancements of LGBTQ2+ rights across Canada.

The artist behind Vancouver’s newest public art installation is Jim Balakshin, who mentioned via Instagram that the piece will only be up until February 23, after which he’s hoping to find a long-term home for his work.

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