Healthy Monkey Cafe Strives To Be Different

Dec 19 2017, 8:56 am

Amazing food, amazing prices, and overall an amazing atmosphere.

Healthy Monkey Cafe

To me it seems like eating healthy is the new trend. I guarantee you that every time you check out Instagram, Twitter or Facebook there will be a new posting of some food concoction with a million hashtags such as #cleaneating. Now although some may want to throw there phone across the room, to others it’s intriguing. Sure that McDonald’s burger tastes satisfying but the Healthy Monkey Cafe truly shows us that eating well is just as fast and easy as going through a drive-thru.

Healthy Monkey Cafe is located in South Surrey and is definitely a place worth trying. Amazing food, great prices, and an overall awesome atmosphere.

Smoothies, burgers, sandwiches, salads, bowls, and soups, you name it Healthy Monkey has it. Not only is it all quick and easy to put together, it is  good for you. From their organic deli meats to fresh fruits and vegetables that they use in their smoothies, Healthy Monkey proves that eating well isn’t boring.

Healthy Monkey strives to make your visit worth remembering, with detailed menus letting you know what all the ingredients are and experienced staff members giving you honest opinions about the food.

Gluten free is another amazing trait that Healthy Monkey upholds. Many restaurants have only one or two, if any, options for gluten free meals at an additional cost, but at Healthy Monkey every menu item is gluten free. Their famous Potato Buns, gluten free and made 100% from real potatoes are definitely worth checking out.

My experience at the Healthy Monkey Cafe left me speechless. From start to end I was never left hanging. Usually when you think of a cafe you think of a place that only sells coffee and overpriced snacks, but at Healthy Monkey you are guaranteed to leave full and wanting more. Most definitely worth every penny.

Healthy Monkey Cafe

Location #1: #11- 2970 King George Blvd. Surrey

Phone: (604) 560-2577

Location #2: #910 5355 24th Avenu, Surrey

Phone: (604) 385-3118