5 Ghoulish and Healthy Halloween Snack Ideas

Dec 19 2017, 4:40 pm

There’s nothing cuter than seeing little kids masquerading as ghosts and goblins, butterflies and monsters at Hallowe’en. Despite their cuteness, many parents are horrified at the amount of candy their little gremlins have access to around this event.

Hosting a party with a few friends and neighbours before or after trick-or-treating is a great way to fill children’s superhero bellies with healthy and spooktacular food while taking some of the emphasis off of the candy.

There are tons of creative ideas out there. Here are 5 tasty and ghoulish snack ideas that will make them squeal:


1. Eyeball Soup

If you like having your food stare back at you, try this. Make tomato soup. Make eyeballs with bocconcini (soft mozzarella) cheese balls and pimento stuffed olives by scooping a hole in each cheese ball using a melon baller and then pressing half an olive into the hole (cut side up so the red pimento is in the centre). Float the eyeballs in the soup when serving. This could also be served in little drinkable cups.

2. Puking Pumpkin

This gross looking snack is perfect for ghouls of all ages. Carve a pumpkin with a big gaping hole for a mouth. Make guacamole. Position the pumpkin on a serving dish with the guacamole coming out of its mouth and piling up on the platter. Serve with homemade pita chips.

Puking Pumpkin
Image: Courtney Warren

3. Haunted Sliders

These may not be scary but they will stick to your ribs. Make mini burgers and serve them open-faced. Place the toppings on the bun and then the patty on top. Cut a thick piece of white cheddar cheese and use ghost shaped cookie cutter to cut out shapes. Top each slider with a ghost.

4. Finger Food

These little digits are finger lickin’ good. Make human shaped fingers out of mozzarella cheese strings. Cut a cheese string in half so it is half the length. On the round end, cut out a shallow notch for the finger nail. Cut small notches in the cheese for knuckles. Cut pieces of coloured bell pepper or black pitted olives (cut in 4 pieces) for fingernails and attach them with a dab of cream cheese.

Finger Food Halloween
Image: Matt Zimmerman

5. Goblin Grins

Quick little veggie snacks that will make you smile. Cut a slit in the centre of an edible pea pod (just through one side). Cut out a tongue shape from a red bell pepper. Slide the tongue through the opening of the pea pod with the inside of the pepper facing up. Slide in a few slivered almonds for teeth.

Goblin Grins
Image: Healthy Families BC

Have fun and remember to save those pumpkin seeds!  Roasted pumpkin seeds make great snacks and salad toppers.

For other ideas on how to curb the candy this Hallowe’en, check this out.


Written by Andrea Godfreyson, a Guest Contributor to Vancity Buzz. Andrea is a Registered Dietitian and blogs for Healthy Families B.C. For more healthy food and lifestyle ideas, follow Healthy Families B.C. on Facebook.

Featured Image: Wicked Little Cake Company

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