Health Care Assistants are more in demand than ever

Dec 19 2017, 4:44 pm

Health Care Assistants are more in demand than ever. They primarily work in nursing homes and promote and maintain the health, safety, independence, comfort and well-being of individuals and families.

Sprott Shaw College offers a leading-edge Health Care Assistant program that gives real-world, practical experience in real health care facilities as well as classroom training.

And for those looking to advance in their careers, The Health Care Assistant Program allows students to bridge into the Practical Nursing Program once they have completed 600 work hours.

Every instructor in the program has real-life experience in the health care field. Program coordinator and instructor Marizen Leoncio knows how important that is.

“You can’t just teach from theory. Teachers have to have something they can share with the students, some real experience,” she told Vancity Buzz.

“This is how they learn.”

The Health Care Assistant Program is 29 weeks long with an eight week clinical trial to allow students to practice their newly acquired skills.

Health care facilities hiring Health Care Assistants look to Sprott Shaw for potential employees. In fact, Leoncio says many are hired before they even graduate because their love for the field is apparent.

“Being able to give quality care to patients – that’s what they look for. It’s more than just a job, it’s a profession, a service.”

The real-life experience offered by Sprott Shaw’s Health Care Assistant Program has helped current student Arati Kajal exponentially.

“Getting the real hands-on training by working with real clients and customers is very helpful. It takes all the fear and insecurity about the job right out. It also helps me understand the reasoning behind everything we learned in class. Real clients and patients help us understand that it’s okay to communicate with them to understand their needs,” she said.

Kajal has done other programs at Sprott Shaw and was placed with a job quickly.

“From previous experience at Sprott Shaw, I know the job coordinator will be there step by step to help me get a job.”

The scope of what a Health Care Assistant does is ever evolving – some say they are the eyes and ears of nurses. If you want an exciting career with potential for advancement, enrol in the Health Care Assistant Program today.

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