Haunted Vancouver: Balthazar

Dec 19 2017, 12:40 pm

The Balthazar Restaurant in the West on Davie and Bidwell is next on our investigation of the paranormal in Vancouver. This one may appeal to fans of bootlegging and gangsters of the prohibition era as apparently there are tunnels connected to Balthazar, which back in the day were used by a friend of Al Capone for prostitution running and bootlegging.

The hauntings are not of the legendary mobster himself (how cool would that be though) or that of his friend B.T. Rogers. The eerie appartition that has been known to frequent Balthazar is that of B.T. Rogers’ son who committed suicide by jumping out of the second story window many moons ago.

A friend of mine who used to work there knew of a couple instances in which, workers have noticed a gentlemen milling about. In once instance a chef who was working late at night heard what he thought was someone cooking on the front line. However, he was all alone at the time, or atleast he thought. The chef after hearing the noises bailed.

Another story is of a painter that was hired to paint at night at one point he stated he saw an old man perched up against the banister. The painter kindly asked him what he was looking for. He got no response. So the painter decided to come down the ladder to see what was up. When he got down the old man was gone. Naturally, the painted dropped his stuff and got the hell out of there.

These are just some of the stories she told me. There were a lot more, however, I think you get the picture. Balthazar is haunted.


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