Harvest Moon eclipse today, followed by extra bright Harvest Moon tonight

Sep 16 2016, 10:40 pm

We’ve got some good moon news and some less than good moon news.

There’s a lunar eclipse taking place across a Harvest Moon today, which as both a sentence and a fact is obviously super cool. The only problem is that the roughly 4-hour experience will reach its peak just before 3:00pm EST, which means that if you’re in North or South America and try to look up to see it, the only thing you’re going to find is the sun staring back down at you.

BUT, you can live stream the eclipse right here. So not all is lost. Keep in mind, if you don’t watch this Harvest Moon lunar eclipse you’ll be sitting around until 2024 to catch the next one.

So even though Canadians are missing the eclipse today, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the hell of tonight’s harvest moon.

The Harvest Moon is so named because it’s the full moon closest to the fall equinox, and as such, its light and strength used to give farmers an extended chance to harvest their crops.

For most of our generation, however, it means it’s Friday and there’s a full moon risin’ – you should probably go dancin’ in the light…

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