Toronto has a Harry Potter bar, and we want one too

Dec 20 2017, 1:37 am

The Lockhart in Toronto isn’t your typical cocktail bar. The “Potions & Elixirs” section of the drink menu features items like the “Befuddlement Draft” and “The Shacklebolt,” books starring a certain boy wizard line the shelves, and something about the name of the place strikes you as… charming, some how.

Then it all comes together: The Lockhart is a Harry Potter themed bar. It’s true! The generation that grew up on the adventures of The Boy Who Lived can own and run businesses now. Frankly, it was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

A Harry Potter themed establishment would fill a definite hole in Vancouver’s food market. Sure, we’ve got the Stormcrow Tavern for the sci-fi and fantasy lovers, EXP Bar for the gamer crowd, The Black Lodge for… vegetarian Twin Peaks fans, I guess, and a few others here and there, but all of these places just aren’t wizardly enough.

Imagine: you enter The Silver Stag and are immediately greeted by a chorus of animatronic shrunken heads, who make some stinging and hilarious observations about your outfit, before your host – dressed in flowing robes and a hat a metre tall – tells you to take a seat. After grabbing a stool at the bar, you peruse the drink menu, settling on a Chudley Cannon (dark English ale with Red Bull). You take in the decor – mid-16th century with a touch of rural 90s England – and after chatting about the healing qualities of the South Romanian Bloodweed with the shadowy stranger next to you, your drink is personally delivered by a trained Barn Owl, which accepts payment in a little pouch tied to its ankle and it’s so cute and then you’re best friends and it lets you pet it and – alright, alright, I’m getting a carried away.

Look, the point is, if you can’t order a drink in Vancouver while toting around a broomstick and 13-inch-long piece of elder wood, what’s the point of drinking at all?

So what do you say, Vancouver? Who’s up to it?

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