Halloween makeup tutorials

Dec 19 2017, 8:30 am

October is here and with it comes Thanksgiving, pumpkins, boxes of candy and of course, Halloween! With so many costumes out there it can be hard to choose what to be and how to make yourself look as scary or beautiful as possibly.

Not to fear, with resources like YouTube, all your concerns can be tossed out the window! However, with all the videos out there how can anyone know which ones are going to be good? Here is a list of some of the better tutorials that will make your costume makeup flawless.

Zombie makeup:

[youtube id=”zoJqZV8jZjE” align=”center”]

Cat makeup:

[youtube id=”XMZawXNlXCM” align=”center”]

Skeleton/Sugar Skull makeup:

[youtube id=”3SG3Srif9wA” align=”center”]

[youtube id=”RlV1om4HKSk” align=”center”]

Evil Clown makeup:

[youtube id=”j2-X1MhJGl4″ align=”center”]

Shark makeup:

[youtube id=”b7rCMFoBbYc” align=”center”]

Pop art (comic book) makeup:

[youtube id=”BOXz4XDSxQw” align=”center”]

Vampire makeup:

[youtube id=”PfLjG9z7M0c” align=”center”]

[youtube id=”NpVUAw12BoA” align=”center”]

All of these tutorials are great for creating the perfect Halloween costume. Whether you are going for a scary or cute look, there are a ton of possibilities. Some of the looks in the videos can even be tweaked for guys and girls to create a scarier or prettier look as well. Stay tuned for more tutorials and ideas for some killer costumes coming up!


Video credit to YouTube.