Bridge Brewing Company to offer Halloween beer & candy pairings

Dec 19 2017, 6:13 pm

We all know that when it comes down to it, Halloween is geared towards kids. Apart from Mums and Dads, you don’t see fully grown adults tracing around the streets, knocking on doors for candy, although the desire to might be strong.

In an effort to even out the playing field, when it comes to obtaining and devouring Halloween candy, one North Vancouver brewery is offering a Halloween beer and candy pairing with all of the beers they have on tap.

Running over two days, from October 30 to October 31, Bridge Brewing Company will offer eight beer and candy pairings in total. The beer pairings, which have been designed and tested by brewmaster Jeremy Taylor, are available in flights. Patrons can choose four of their favourites to enjoy for $6.00 (tax included).

Even though candy is a slightly obscure thing to pair with beer, Amy Scott the company’s Sales Co-orindator says “there are lots of flavours in candy that will both complement and balance out the flavours of our beer.”

Here’s a list of the Halloween-inspired pairings the North Van brewing company will offer:

  • Bruke Berliner Weisse paired with Rockets — Tart and effervescent, Rockets pair perfectly with the crisp, clean tartness of the Bruke Berliner Weisse
  • Ambleside Amber Ale paired with Twizzlers — The sweet strawberry notes of Twizzlers are complemented nicely by the juicy and floral aromas of the Ambleside Amber Ale
  • Bourbon Blood Orange Wheat Ale paired with Starburst — A real juicy blast, Starburst adds a great fruity kick to our already luscious Bourbon Blood Orange
  • Wunderbar Kolsch paired with Fuzzy Peaches — Effervescent and clean, Fuzzy Peaches are the perfect complement to our Wunderbar Kolsch, which offers light, clean, and slightly fruity flavours.
  • North Shore Pale Ale paired with Skittles — The citrusy hops of our North Shore Pale Ale are complemented by the variety of fruit flavours in Skittles, and the clean and moderate bitterness helps to cut the Skittles’ sweetness.
  • Hopilano IPA paired with Jolly Ranchers — A big sweet flavour for a big hoppy beer.  Jolly Ranchers offer a variety of lasting sweet flavours that are cut by the strong bitterness and clean citrusy aromas of our Hopilano IPA.
  • Uganda Sipi Coffee Brown Ale paired with Tootsie Rolls — Smooth, creamy, and loaded with chocolate and toffee — Tootsie Rolls complement the smooth coffee and subtle roast flavours in our Uganda Sipi Coffee Brown Ale.
  • All Out Stout paired with M&Ms — Rich and bold, M&Ms highlight the smooth chocolate notes of our All Out Stout, and complement the roasty coffee flavours.

Open from 1 to 7 p.m on both Friday and Saturday, the Bridge Brewing Company’s tasting room welcomes costumes, kids and dogs.

Bridge Brewing Company

Address: 1448 Charlotte Road, North Vancouver
Phone: 604-770-BREW (2739)

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