Gun accidentally delivered to UBC student's campus residence

Nov 9 2016, 2:35 am

One UBC student will definitely be more careful when filling out shipping information for online orders, after a gun he purchased was mistakenly delivered to campus.

Andrew Parr, managing director of student hospitality and services at UBC, says the gun was meant to go to another shipping address and was not intended to be delivered to the residence.

“I think the real crux of the story is that it was an error made by the student,” Parr told Daily Hive.

According to Parr, the package arrived last week at UBC after being ordered by a student living in the Ponderosa residence. The delivery person alerted a UBC staff member that the company shipping the package often ships guns and ammunition.

“That caught our attention,” said Parr. “I think it was prudent of (the delivery person) to note that, because we would not have known.”

Student collects guns

The student–who is a licensed gun collector–was contacted and immediately realized he made an error filling out the shipping and billing addresses when ordering online.

“It should have gone to another address in another province of the country,” said Parr.

To follow protocol, UBC contacted the RCMP and the student was fully cooperative with authorities and campus staff.

“(The student) never really had any desire to have possession of the gun or even touch the gun and was completely cooperative with us and the RCMP,” said Parr.

“It is very clear to all students that (UBC has) zero tolerance around possession of firearms while living in residence … and we have never had, to my knowledge, a situation with a student that has not followed those rules.”

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