These Canadian-made nut bars could be your new go-to (guilt-free) snack

Jul 23 2018, 9:49 pm

Working a busy schedule and hiking some of the most Instagram-worthy trails in BC have one thing in common – snacking.

There comes a point during the day (or adventure) when you get a case of the munchies and turn to snacks to give you a little boost. It’s okay, everyone does it. But until now, you may have opted for bites that ultimately lead to low energy later in the day.

We spoke to TV personality and lifestyle expert Natalie Langston who says that chips are “hands-down” the one snack everyone could cut out of their lives immediately. “You’re just consuming empty calories, giving your body zero nutritional value. Instead, choose a snack that still tastes great but also provides your body with longer-lasting results.”

The good news is you can change your habits and opt for a guilt-free snack with Kashi joi nut bars by Kashi Canada. They’re anything but your typical snack bars because they offer a legit, multi-sensorial, real-food experience that delights the senses.

The bars are made just outside of Vancouver and they’re sold exclusively in Canada. Best of all, they’re super convenient so it’s easy to pop one in your bag and have it ready to go when you need it. Plus, you’ve got two kinds to choose from; Nut Bars (everyday, on-the-go snacking), and Almond Butter Energy Nut Bars (ideal for activities like hiking).

Why Kashi joi nut bars are better than any snack bars you’ve had before

If you’ve been longing to eat snacks that are made from real ingredients (like those in your kitchen), Kashi joi has what you need. The bars are all gluten-free and non-GMO project verified and they offer different, distinct flavours which allow you to taste new experiences, every time, (unless you instantly choose a favourite).

You can easily add them to your healthy and active lifestyle and feel good about it when you do, too.

“Lately, I have had intense hunger cravings as soon as I wake up and reaching for a Kashi joi Almond Butter Energy Nut Bar is my solution,” says fitness and health reporter Langston.

Let’s start with the Kashi joi Nut Bars. These easy snack bars contain six grams of protein with foodie flavour combinations like Raspberry Dark Chocolate Hazelnut; Pistachio, Fig & Lemon; and Cranberry Coconut Almond.

Langston says she likes to pack a Nut Bar in her purse “for when mid-day hunger strikes” and she needs “a bit of a healthy pick-me-up to get through that 3 pm slump.”

Next up you’ve got your new go-to adventure snacks in Kashi joi Almond Butter Energy Nut Bars. These soy-free bars boast nine to ten grams of protein with almond butter as the primary ingredient, making them ideal for pre or post physical activity. Choose between Dark Chocolate Espresso Nut; Banana Chocolate Nut; and Blueberry Maple Pecan (yes), then enjoy.

“I’m obsessed with the Dark Chocolate Espresso Nut Bar, it’s like I’m eating a chocolate bar, not a nut bar,” says Langston. She adds that “Kashi joi puts a real emphasis on not sacrificing taste for nutrition and produced this line that is not only Non-GMO Project Verified, Gluten Free, Kosher, Soy-free, free of artificial colour and flavours, but also has a unique taste to satisfy your inner curious foodie.”

Langston feels that there are plenty of different choices between Kashi joi’s six flavour combinations and that everyone can benefit from having a “tasty, healthy and nutritious snack throughout their day.”

Kashi joi wants you to share your own joyful moments online by using the hashtag #Kashijoi and tagging @kashijoi on Facebook or Instagram.

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