Guide to Cornucopia: Whistler's Food and Wine Festival

Cornucopia is Whistler’s premier food and wine festival where for five days and four nights, thousands trek up the mountain to enjoy some of the best offerings of BC. Much like Dine Out Vancouver, Cornucopia was originally designed to generate business during a typically slow time of the year. In November, fall is in full swing but without snow on the mountains, it wasn’t particularly bustling with tourists. Now 16 years later, Cornucopia has certainly changed this by drawing foodies and oenophiles alike for some of the most extravagant parties, dinner, seminars and events.

If Cornucopia was to be described by one word, for me it would be indulgence. Think truffle lunches, flowing champagne and Vegas themed parties. Follow us in a five-part blog series where we delve into accommodations, dinners and parties to give you a taste and peak into Cornucopia.

  • Staying at the Delta Whistler
  • Winery Dinner at Hy’s Steakhouse with Burrowing Owl
  • CRUSH Gala
  • Quattro – White Alba Truffle Mushroom Lunch
  • Araxi Bubbles + Ocean