Guide to Cornucopia: CRUSH Gala

Dec 19 2017, 6:40 am

CRUSH Gala is the flagship tasting event of Cornucopia that is so large it takes place over two days. Priced at $89 per person, it is one of the best ways to taste your way through some great wines and to swirl, sip, compare and sip some more. From New-World to Old-World, Sparkling to Champagne, and even some rum in between, this tasting event is certainly not limited to just wines. You’ll find row upon row of vendors and wineries, showing off some of their best wines for you to find your favourite poision…or ten!


Here are some tips on how to survive CRUSH Gala:

  1. Pace yourself: With access to over a dozen wineries, each with multiple wines to sample, you’ll need to manage your time and remind yourself it is a marathon wine testing, not a sprint.
  2. Look for the Top 25: Each year, an esteemed panel of wine experts judge and award 25 wines as best in class. The winning wineries are identified with a Top 25 sticker on their sign. So if you’d only like to try the best, be sure to look out for the badge.
  3. Snack along the way: Although the event description said there will be NO food, event attendees this year were happy to find there was a decent amount of snacks (steak samples), bread, chocolate and more being amply shared.
  4. Water: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  5. Collect business cards: After three hours of wine tasting, your palette will be understandably shot, and soon everything will start tasting similar. If you sample a wine you like, take a business card, which shows the name, price point and winery name. That way, you’ll be able to purchase it to enjoy at home.
  6. Take notes: Be sure to pick up a CRUSH Gala guide book and jot down notes under each respective winery.