GTD Canucks Podcast: Goalie Talk with Nick Mercadante

Jun 6 2016, 3:23 am

With a few weeks to go before the draft and plenty of previews of that event come, we figured that we would go a different way this week and and talk to goaltending analytics guru Nick Mercadante.

Mercadante is the creator of the advanced stat 5v5 adjGSAA/60, also known as the ‘Mercad’, a stat that takes a deeper look into what goalies actually provide to their team by combining the quality and quantity of shots, rather than just the amount of saves. Mercadante is also a contributor to and was recently a presenter at the Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference in April.

We use this fascinating stat to look at the Canucks’ goaltending situation, the final four goalies in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, and some of the surprises of this stat.

A fantastic episode that will help give you a different outlook on the most important position in hockey.


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