GROW Conference 2014: SOL Republic – Creating Better Experiences, Not Just Better Products

Dec 19 2017, 11:13 am

Vancity Buzz is excited to partner with GROW Conference 2014, bringing you a series of in-depth articles featuring the brands, brains and breakthroughs that will be at its 5th year. Heading to the hyper-connected hills of Whistler, BC, August 20-22, GROW dives headfirst into the Internet of Things, from robotics, drones, smart devices, and the connected everything.

This article is the first in Vancity Buzz’s GROW 2014 Series.

Musicians are modern day storytellers. Their songs unite a nation, ignite a revolution and move mankind. Their songs deserve respect. Their music deserves great sound.” – Seth Combes, SOL Republic

In a world dominated by an ever-expanding generation of connected, plugged-in consumers, the music industry (among others) must bow to their audience’s every wish in order to survive, let alone thrive.

SOL Republic is one of the upstart, innovative companies being showcased at GROW 2014,  who have found the ears of the connected consumer. Co-founder, Seth Combes will speak to creating better experiences for consumers, not just better products, and how they’ve achieved a mercurial rise in an ultra-competitive industry.

When SOL Republic started 3 years ago, the music experience was not up to snuff. Small ear buds were the norm, and people were not experiencing music how it was intended. This led Seth to the following question: can a company be built around an experience instead of a product? That question is at the core of SOL Republic. At its very essence, the experience is built into SOL Republic, with “SOL” stemming from the mentality of providing the “Soundtrack Of Life” to music lovers.  Seth believes that if music sounds better, it will also make you feel better, and if you feel better, than you will change the world for the better – a philosophy that any other consumer-facing business could learn from.

For a lot of big brands, connecting with the consumer is often second to the product itself. Which is a big reason why many consumer products fail.

At an average of $100 per set, SOL Republic headphones are about $150 less than a comparable model from competitors like Beats, with much better specs. He wanted sound to be shared and heard the way it was intended to, without leaving anyone out. Beyond their accessible price point, they entice consumers with a myriad of customizable parts making up the headphones to fit each user’s individuality. Right there, they have created an experiential opportunity for every single consumer.

In a world overflowing with products, why would someone buy yours over the next brands? What real world problem or pain do you solve for the consumer? Figure this out and you won’t be selling a million pairs of headphones, you will be selling 1 pair of headphones a million times. The average SOL Republic consumer owns 4 pairs of headphones, and that is the golden ticket.

Watch Seth Combs talk about how his company managed to rise above the crowd by building better experiences, not just better products at GROW 2014.  Get your tickets, here.