GROW Conference 2014: Say goodbye to single-point-of-view video, the future is a full 360 degrees

Dec 19 2017, 7:33 pm

Vancity Buzz is excited to partner with GROW Conference 2014, bringing you a series of in-depth articles featuring the brands, brains and breakthroughs that will be at its 5th year. Heading to the hyper-connected hills of Whistler, BC, August 20-22, GROW dives headfirst into the Internet of Things, from robotics, drones, smart devices, and the connected everything.

This article is the fourth in Vancity Buzz’s GROW 2014 Series, featuring Toronto’s own bubl.

Forget fisheye view, the future of photography is the bublcam. The world’s first fully spherical consumer camera, bublcam is poised to take the photography world by storm–and give GoPro a run for their money while they’re at it.

Founded in 2011 by immersive technology enthusiast and digital strategist, Sean Ramsay, bubl picks up where Google StreetView left off – providing users with the ability to capture spherical photos and videos and share them with anyone, anywhere.

Looking more like a baseball than a camera, the device was created with the overarching goal to disrupt the markets that require a tool to map the world – and thanks to its unique design and software integration, the bublcam is already doing just that.

Whether a user is looking to document monumental sports moments, showcase tension from within a political movement, or secure personal or retail property, this Kickstarter funded camera is the tool to help them tell that story.

Born out of an idea that stemmed from a Toyota Matrix project that Ramsey worked on in 2009, the bublcam takes storytelling to the next level – thanks in part to its unique API & SDK which allow users to create software applications that can fully control the Bublcam, as well as develop forward-looking features (like facial and image recognition, interactive touch points and motion tracking) on top of its current app.

It’s specs like these that caught the eye of Google – who are currently collaborating with bubl to upload spherical photos directly to Google Maps, StreetView and Google+ – and will surely lead to many more game-changing partnerships (how cool would it be if Skycatch drones came standard with a bublcam?)

With a growing list of 360-degree camera’s set to enter the arena, (including the likes of V.360CENTR and Panono) panoramic videography (and photography) will soon become commonplace. Though only time will tell if bubl is the company leading the charge, one thing is for sure: what started as a Kickstarter campaign has morphed into the future of photography, and could define how we view our world. Literally.

Find out how they did it when bubl COO, Greg Ponesse speaks this summer at GROW. Tickets are available now via this link.

Source: bubl

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Find out how they did it when bubl COO, Greg Ponesse speaks this summer at GROW. Tickets are available now via this link.

Source: bubl

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