Grouse Grind named one of the Most Dangerous Hikes in the World

Dec 19 2017, 8:10 am

According to Outside Magazine, North Vancouver’s Grouse Grind is one of the 10 most dangerous hikes in the world. But is it really?

10 Most Dangerous Hikes in The World

  1. Huayua Picchu, Peru
  2. The Maze, Utah
  3. Mount Hua Shan, China
  4. Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea
  5. Grouse Grind, North Vancouver
  6. Drakensberg Traverse, South Africa
  7. Cascade Saddle, New Zealand
  8. Aonach Eagach Ridge, Scotland
  9. Kalalau Trail, Hawaii
  10. El Caminito del Rey

About the Grouse Grind From Outside Magazine:

There are dozens of beautiful hikes around Vancouver, British Columbia. The Grouse Grind isn’t one of them. The short trail gains 2,800 feet in just 1.8 miles, including 2,830 stairs, making it one of the steepest trails anywhere. Which is why mountaineers and fitness freaks use it for training. The problems come when the unprepared take on the Grouse.

Since 1999, three people have died on the trail, and a big percentage of the 80 technical rescues the North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services performs each year take place on the Grind when winded hikers take a tumble, poop out, or lose their way as night falls. The trail is so grisly it often takes 12 rescuers to get a hiker off the mountain.