Grocery stores are increasing wages for employees amid coronavirus

Mar 22 2020, 8:19 pm

Some grocery stores are stepping up and offering higher wages to their employees, who have kept stores operating as an essential service during the coronavirus pandemic.

Loblaw Companies Limited

Yesterday Loblaw Companies Limited announced that all existing employees across its stores in Canada will receive a premium of two dollars per hour, retroactive to March 8, 2020.

ā€œThis premium is well deserved for these current frontline employees. Itā€™s an important recognition for the essential work of our grocery and pharmacy workers during this crisis,ā€ said UFCW Local 175 President Shawn Haggerty.

ā€œThe premium and the increased focus on safety and social distancing comes after discussions and pressure from the Union and we will continue to advocate for these protections throughout this crisis and beyond. I call on all employers to follow this example and recognize their employees with a pay premium and a focus on keeping them safe.ā€

T&T Supermarket

Another grocer that’s implemented a $2 hourly “allowance” as they deem it, is T&T Supermarket.

“Due to the rapidly evolving pandemic, provinces across Canada have started to declare the state of emergency. In this critical moment, the community need daily necessities from grocery stores more than ever. As a national chain, all employees of 26 T&T stores and T&T Shop Online are doing their duties and stand at the forefront of serving our community,” read the company’s statement.

Sobeys Inc.

Over the weekend Sobeys Inc. announced that all of its employees would beĀ receiving an additional $50 a week, regardless of the number of hours worked.

“All Sobeys Inc. teammates who work more than 20 hours a week will receive an additional $2 premium per hour for all hours over 20 hours, in addition to the $50 payment mentioned above,” read the release.

These new policies are retroactive to March 8, 2020, and employees will receive their first payments in early April.

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