Grey Cup Chase Clues: Win 2 Tickets Today!

The Grey Cup Chase is on! One lucky winner can win 2 tickets to the Grey Cup! Full contest details can be found on Tourism Vancouver’s Facebook page at However, you’ll need these clues to help you locate the mystery man. The mystery man will be carrying the two tickets to the game.

Here are your clues for the day.

Some are minor hints but the picture clues should give all of you hunting out there a good idea of where to find the Mystery Man.

Clue #1: At 8:30am the Mystery Man will be having breakfast somewhere in the city.

Clue #2: At 10am, the Mystery Man will be roaming the streets near the Harbour Centre

Clue #3: At 12:30pm the Mystery Man will start thinking about having lunch somewhere.

Clue #4: At 2pm the Mystery Man will head towards Stanley Park

Clue# 5: At 4pm the Mystery Man will grab a drink to warm up.

Clue #6: At 5:30pm the Mystery Man will do some shopping downtown

Clue #7: At 7pm the Mystery Man will pack it in for the night

If you are looking for the mystery man, I would encourage you to ask anyone and everyone! You never know who it could be!