Gregor Robertson supports BC Film

Mayor Gregor Robertson has taken a stance and thrown his support for the local TV and film industry. While the Premier has, for the most part, ignored the issue, the recent Save BC Film campaign has forced the her hand to at least acknowledge the issue. Her response thus far is not to match Ontario’s tax credits. However, with elections just around the corner and an estimated 25,000 people in the industry, she may be forced to reconsider her position.

Here is Mayor Robertson’s motion via Facebook:

WHEREAS Vancouver has a long-standing film and TV industry that is a major contributor to the City’s economy;

WHEREAS Vancouver and British Columbia’s ability to remain a competitive film and TV market requires support from the Provincial Government;

WHEREAS Ontario has overtaken BC to become North America’s third-biggest production centre;

WHEREAS the competition between provinces for tax credits is creating a ‘race to the bottom’ situation for Canada’s film and TV industry;

WHEREAS BC’s film industry is worth an estimated $1.19 billion, and employs 25,000 people;

WHEREAS the Motion Picture Production Industry Association of BC is predicting employment rates will be down at least 40% from last year in the first quarter of 2013;

WHEREAS there are significant concerns about the decline of Vancouver’s film and TV industry, and the spin-off impacts it will have on other creative industries;


The City Manager and the Vancouver Economic Commission provide an update to Vancouver City Council on the state of the film and TV industry in Vancouver, what the City is doing to support the industry, and any actions it can take;

The Mayor write to the Premier, Leader of the Provincial Opposition, and the Prime Minister expressing concern for the industry, and urging a national approach that would see a level playing field across Canada in the film and TV industry.

The recent announcement of bringing the Bollywood Awards to Vancouver did not sit well with the Hollywood North. Mayor Robertson on the other hand has stated support for both the Bollywood Awards and the Hollywood North.

The mayor and city council will meet on this issue during the first council meeting in February.