Gregor Robertson Sponsored Snowgate

Dec 19 2017, 11:45 am

Welcome to Snowgate, forget Snowmaggedon (sorry Raphael) but I feel this to be a more appropriate term to describe the calamity and myriad of contradictions that have taken place at city hall these past few weeks. You see most of this could have been avoided if city hall wasn’t on fucking vacation!
While Roberston was in Mexico sipping on piña coladas served by attendendants named Jorge and Hector, the city was at a virtual standstill due to an “unprecedented” amount of snow. His solution to this mess was to wait for the rain. Madness I tell you.Since Vision is a left wing government the majority of the bloggers have steered clear of blaming Robertson. Why would they? This guy was Jesus to them and was going to solve the homelessness problem. This guy can’t even solve a snow crisis, so I don’t have much faith in him solving the homelessness problem anymore.I voted for this rookie and well I guess I and the rest of Vancouver got what it wanted, a rookie mayor more concerned about his image than the city he is supposed to govern. I can’t believe I supported this 3rd tier politician. I should have voted NPA, they may be inept but at least they are pro business.

Here are some suggestions for Robertson next time:

  1. Why not fine the cars that are illegally parked on the roads for um… I don’t know a traffic violation?
  2. Why not fine lazy store owners who don’t know what a shovel is?
  3. Why not deploy more than 35% of your snow plows in what has been the worst snowfall in decades?
  4. Next time don’t pray for rain, I know its Vancouver but this time it was different and this is just the beginning of climate change.
A fucking monkey could have done a better job than the politicians performing their ritual circle-jerk over at city hall. Vision Vancouver, are they really that different than your run of the mill politicians out there?Related Posts:Fuck you Old Man Winter
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