Greenpeace activists hang banner from Lions Gate Bridge, Tuesday morning

Dec 19 2017, 5:48 am

On Tuesday morning, two Greenpeace activists rappelled off Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge with a 12 by 35 metre banner sending a message to “save our coast, no tar sands pipelines”. The banner depicted an orca whale rising up out of an oil-slicked coast.

The activists hung above Burrard Inlet in protest to both the proposed expansion of Kinder Morgan Inc.’s Trans Mountain pipeline, which would quadruple the number of oil tankers moving through Vancouver every year, and the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, which would bring over 200 oil supertankers through some of the most dangerous waters on earth.

Activists are concerned with the threat of oil spills that these pipeline projects would bring to our beautiful west coast. Over the past decade, Enbridge’s own pipelines spilled, on average, more than once a week. Greenpeace campaigner Melina Laboucan-Massimo told media that “There are better ways to create jobs and build an economy than supporting an industry that destroys land, rivers, communities, and drives climate change.”

“The Prime Minister can expect growing opposition to tar sands pipelines and oil supertankers from communities, environmental groups and First Nations that will not be silenced.”

The action took place as Western premiers meet in Edmonton to discuss tar sands.