Sully from the Green Men makes ESPN Hall of Fans

One of the Green Men, Sully, has been bestowed the ultimate fan honour as he has been inducted into the ESPN Hall of Fans. Force, the other Green Man, did not make the cut. Maybe if he keeps on trying he’ll be inducted one year, just like Pavel Bure. For those of you that can’t distinguish between the two, Sully is shorter and wears the dark green spandex suit. Congratulations Sully.
Here is what Sully had to say:

In 2009, we attended a Vancouver Canucks game in a pair of one piece green suits. It was supposed to be a one time thing and it turned in to a piece of sports pop culture. We have accumulated a great record throughout our 50+ games beside the visitor’s penalty box. Our goal has always been to distract the opposition while getting our fans pumped. Our efforts have landed us on ESPN countless times, including numerous Top Ten lists, PTI, Around The Horn, First Take and many more. Once our popularity grew in the sports world we were able to raise over $15,000 for various charities. As super fans we have followed our team to Nashville, Phoenix, and Boston. Even the Canucks players have acknowledged our contribution to the team. We feel we are “HallOfFan” worthy because of our impact on fans in sports. Since our inception, fans from around the world have donned the suits. They even attempt handstands from time to time. A trip to the Hall would be the sweet icing on our green spandex cake.

Sully joins University of Alabama fan Emily P and Baltimore Ravens fans Larry H in Hall of Fans.

Image: The Green Men