5 great pet-friendly house cleaning services

Dec 19 2017, 2:08 pm

Trying to keep your house clean when you’re a pet owner can feel like an uphill battle. Between trips to the dog park in the pouring rain to mountain trails and local beaches, it’s nearly impossible to curb those muddy paw prints.

Thankfully, house cleaning services in Vancouver are cheap these days. Honestly, seriously reasonable. Like, if you skipped a night of going out for dinner and drinks and watched Netflix instead you could get someone to come in and make your place the cleanest it’s ever been. Ever.

Plus, it gives you a great excuse to stay home and watch a full season of The Mindy Project in your pajamas in your immaculately clean abode.

Admittedly, being a dog owner complicates hiring a cleaner. Think of what happens when the delivery guy comes to the door. Barking. And what happens when you run a vacuum? Barking.

The good news is there are great cleaning services in Vancouver that don’t just tolerate animals, they’re dog lovers themselves and have companies geared to help pet parents. Some will even let your dog out for a quick walk before they leave.

And all of the companies are offering first-time deals to Vancity Buzz readers, so you really have no excuse now.


The U.S.-based service has seen tremendous growth since its recent launch in Vancouver.

Handy uses a very simple online booking system, which lets you complete your service request in less than 30 seconds. The cost depends on how often you want their services: Setting up a bi-weekly cleaning will save you about $10 each time, and you can add on extras like laundry, windows and inside your fridge and cabinets for an extra charge. There’s a comments section where you can let the service know that you have a friendly pet in the home.

“By letting us know, we can match you up with a pet friendly pro,” said Tom Masterson, Handy’s general manager of Vancouver.

While many pet owners like to stay with the professional when there is a pet, that doesn’t need to be the case: “In my case, my dog Howard has fully grown to enjoy the cleaning service – despite even initially being scared of the vacuum,” said Masterson.

Handy has a 100 per cent customer satisfaction guarantee and there’s no extra charge for customers who have pets in the home.

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The Handy iPhone 6 app. (Handy)

The Handy iPhone 6 app. (Handy)


Operating in Vancouver for more than a decade, AspenClean uses cleaning products that were designed with the health of people and pets in mind. They’re 100% natural, vegan, Ecocert certified and, unlike a lot of green cleaners, work really well. Its colour-coded spray products just took home a national award for natural cleaning products.

AspenClean strives to hire people that enjoy being around pets. They work in teams of three, so you’re sure to have at least one person who loves animal lovers, says President Alicia Sokolowski.

The company asks for the name of the pet and special instructions, like if you’d like them to be given breakfast while you’re there, or a treat.

“We want to know their habits, like if they hide under the bed when they hear the vacuum. We record all that information on the work order to ensure the team going to the house knows what to do,” said Sokolowski.

Understanding the pet hair dilemma in many animal lovers’ homes, its cleaners also vacuum upholstery during every visit and pay special attention to areas that tend to accumulate pet hair.

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An adorable pup surrounded by AspenClean's colour-coded cleaning system. (AspenClean)

An adorable pup surrounded by AspenClean’s colour-coded cleaning system. (AspenClean)

Brilliant Cleaning Services

Brilliant asks pet parents to be home for their initial visit, so the cleaner can meet the animals and put together a work order detailing any special pet-specific cleaning requests you may have.

The company provides special services for pet owners, including cleaning litter boxes, washing and drying food and water dishes, and even letting dogs out for a bathroom break — a big help if you’re at work during the day.

“We actually have a few clients that have us brush their dogs and cats,” said President Kristy Jackart. “We also always vacuum scratch posts, dog beds and couches to reduce the hair in your home.”

Its cleaning products are eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for families and their fur babies.

Get $15 off their first clean and 10% off any pet-friendly cleaning product by booking online and using the code FURRY-FRIEND-SAFE.

Maids Gone Green

As its name suggests, Maids Gone Green strives to use eco-friendly cleaners that are safe for the people and animals in your home. It uses Mother’s Choice and Pink Solution, products that disinfect and perform better than harsh chemicals, says Kristy Jackart.

The company strives to make pet owners feel comfortable by sending the same person every visit, so your pet can develop a relationship with them. Cleaners are happy to give your dog a treat or kibble if you’re away, as long as you let them know ahead of time what you’d like.

Maids Gone Green offers a satisfaction guarantee, and will return to the property and make any corrections for free if you’re unsatisfied.

Its website also offers a great list of pet cleaning tips, for the times in between your visits.

Get 10% off any pet-friendly cleaning product and $15 off your first visit by booking online and using the code FURRY-FRIEND-SAFE.

The lovely ladies at Maids Gone Green.

The lovely ladies at AspenClean.

Super Maid

Supermaid’s friendly cleaners will walk and feed your dogs if you’re not at home during their visit.

While they do insist on having the pet owner at home during their first appointment, they’ll ensure the cleaner is comfortable working with pets.

Super Maid doesn’t charge extra for people who have pets but says it may need more time to clean houses where pets live – because of the extra hair.

It also offers packages for people moving in and out of condos, and after-party cleaning. The company also offers handyman services like hanging pictures and lights, to installing closet organizers and replacing shower heads.

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