35 insanely great Halloween costume ideas

Dec 19 2017, 8:15 pm

Halloween is quickly approaching – it’s time to start thinking about your costumes! 

Grab your pumpkin spice latte and head on over to your local Vancouver costume store. If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out what to be, have no fear, Vancity Buzz is here.

Here’s 35 insanely great Halloween costume ideas for both men and women. While some are gender specific, feel free to mix it up!

Halloween Costume Ideas 2014 Women

Snow Walter White

Combine a classic Disney Character with one of the most popular television characters in recement memory. All you need is a Snow White costume, a Heisenberg hat and some fake blue meth. Now how hard was that?



Image: DirtyandThirty.com

In the past, we’ve seen people dress up like Facebook, Myspace even Twitter. However, if you’re looking for a casual hook up this Halloween, this may be the way to go. A little DIY project.

Blue Ivy

Another creative costume. The spawn of hip-hop royalty Jay Z and Beyonce is all the talk these days. Picture a blue Poison Ivy from Batman with a soother.

North West (the celebrity baby)

Similar to the Blue Ivy costume. All you need is some padding for a big booty, some Kanye shades and a soother.



The mother of dragons from Game of Thrones is a character adored by both men and women. Bonus points if you can grab two friends to dress up like dragons and walk them around in chains.


One of the more popular characters from Disney’s darker movies. This is a rather easy costume that will instantly get recognized.

Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games is one of the more popular movie franchises out these days, and Jennifer Lawrence is one of the more popular actors.

April O’Neil

April O'Neil

Image: women of Comicbook and Cosplay

With the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie having everyone reminisce about their childhood, this is a perfect opportunity to revive the greatest news reporter in cartoon history. Do not go as the Megan Fox version though, no one will get it.

Sexy this and that

Whether right or wrong, ladies this is the one night you will not be judged. Okay, you will be judged by other women (and some men), but how is that different from any other day? This is Halloween and if you want to reveal a little more, then that is your perogative. You have plenty of options here – everything from a sexy nurse to fire hydrant…

Hello Kitty

This is Vancouver, Hello Kitty is everywhere, so for Halloween slap on a big Hello Kitty mask.

Character from Frozen

Go as either Elsa or Anna. Or if you really want to be creative, we suggest that you go as Olaf.

Frozen Costume

Image: FrozenCostume.com

Orange is the New Black characters

All you need is a jumpsuit and you can be one of the gals form the hit Netflix series. Crazy Eyes is probably the most recognizable character.


Zombie Walk 2013 Vancouver

Yes, zombies still have that cool factor to them, thanks to The Walking Dead’s popularity.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2014 Men

Snow Walter White

See description above for the women’s costume guide.


See description above for the women’s costume guide.

Zapp Brannigan

zapp brannigan

Men, are you tired of wearing underwear? Well this is the costume for you.

Bud Light Year

Put away your craft beer and grab some boxes of Bud Light and use that as your source for this costume.

HootSuite owl

Vancouver’s tech darling’s mascot, the owl. This would be ideal for those in the tech circuit, or anyone that wants to be a hoot.



This is exactly as it sounds. 50 Cent x Maleficent. If people don’t get it, just start asking 21 questions, you’ll already be in that club. Maybe grab a bulletproof vest as well.

Captain Canadian

Like Captain America but red and white and instead of the star, it’s all about the maple leaf.

LEGO Movie characters

Go as either Emmet, LEGO Batman, President Business or any of the great characters. Everything is awesome!!

Penis Satan statue (Vancouverites will get this)

devil penis statue vancouver

We all remember the well endowed statue of Satan that popped up in East Van this September. Well, now you can go as the Penis Satan statue. Just make sure the city doesn’t remove you from the party…


The classic Japanese character is the male answer to Hello Kitty.

Video Game Character


Photograph by iliketodoodle on Reddit

Take your pick, there are so many to choose from. From classics like Mario, Sonic, Ryu to some of the newer ones from.


See the description above in the women’s section.

Breaking Bad characters

The last season is still fresh in the minds of most. There are many variations you can go with here.

Halloween Costume Ideas 2014 Couples and Groups

Mario Kart

Mario Kart

Image: Beached Miami

Instead of go karts, get on your bikes, c’mon we all know you ride one. Be sure to bring some bananas, some green and red shells and, of course, the illusive blue shell.

Spelling Bees

Dress up as bees with random words plastered on yourself.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian

Kanye and Kim

The couple have been making noise at recent fashion shows. All you need to do is wear deep, deep vee tops. Guys, you can try to shave your heads like Kanye’s latest style and women, bring some padding for that booty. For a bonus, go to Toys R’ Us and grab a doll, call it North West.

Plug and Socket

This really doesn’t need an explanation. It’s a classic costume.

Disney Characters

There are so many to choose from. From Beauty and The Beast to Aladdin and Jasmine. For non-couples, you can go as the Snow White dwarfs or the cast of Frozen.

Mr. and Mrs. Pacman

The classic video game characters will certainly be different from the Mario and Luigi’s of the world.

Ash and Pikachu

Who doesn’t like a little Pokemon action. The trainer and the most recognizable Pokemon out there. PIKACHU!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the galaxy

The biggest movie of the summer also has some interesting characters. Groot and Rocket Racoon are great ideas. 

Ninja Turtles

Going as the four turtles never gets old. Or you can go as the Foot Clan, the choice is all yours.


These are just general costume guides and, of course, both men and women can choose to dress as any of the above mentioned costumes in the guide.


Feature Image: Day of the dead via Shutterstock

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