Graphic Weekends: Saga

Dec 19 2017, 6:42 am

It’s pretty rare that I fall in love with a comic after just the first 6 issues, however Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga has me in a bit of a tizzy. The story is a mix of an epic Star Wars ballad with a heavy dash of Game of Thrones backstabbing, all of which is tied together by some Romeo and Juliet style love and intrigue. What more could you want?

Saga – Storyline

Saga follows a lovestruck couple who are from planets that have been at war for centuries (see Romeo and Juliet). The story kicks off with the birth of their child – needless to say nobody but the parents are happy about the child being born. Unfortunately for the young lovebirds, the best way to ixnay a baby in this era is by sending bounty hunters to ruthlessly murder it. Combine that with a royal military that have television’s for heads and cannons for arms, and things get spicy real fast.

Saga – Art

Fiona Staples’ artwork is some of the most impressive in the history of the medium – each panel is crafted with so much care and precision that you can’t help but drool at it long after you have finished reading. If you are a sucker for bright colours, hypnotizing aliens and fantastical rocketship forests, you are going to need a spare pair of pants when you read Saga. Of all the artists Vaughan has ever worked with, nobody captures what the comic is all about to the degree Staples has in Saga.

The Prince Robot in the Lavatory - Saga


Saga – More information:

– Brian K. Vaughan has written a ton of other award winning stuff, from Ex Machina, The Runaways, to Y: The Last Man. All of it is worth checking out and i’m sure it will pop up in Graphic Weekends in no time.

– Saga is currently at issue #7, and the first 6 have been collected and released as a trade paperback. You can get it for just $10. Quit being so cheap and go buy a copy.

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