Google Translates Numbers to Letters Bug

Here’s an issue that no one seems to know about: if you are translating French to English, Google seems to think the number “1” is actually “a”.

Try it for yourself: Select the “from” language as “French” and translate to English.

Not sure how this obvious error didn’t get caught, but I’m sure we’ll see a quick fix from Google somewhat quickly. I’d like to see an explanation for how this happens, since I’ve been seeing data inside private, secure websites getting translated and let’s just say I now have $AA,000 dollars in my savings account now.

Unfortunately, Quebec has another reason to be upset that their language can’t be better included throughout English society.

More: 1 1 Is Now January

If you type in two number 1s with a space in the middle, the first one now magically becomes January. I can’t wait to try Google Translate with Google Glasses.

Can you find some more weird stuff with Google numbers? Tell us in the comments!