Google Store Vancouver rumours

Dec 19 2017, 7:38 am

Rumours/reports are hinting at possible Google Stores coming to very soon to the United States and Canada. This naturally makes sense as Google is now in the business of selling tangible products. The rumours indicated that both Vancouver and Toronto are candidates to received the countries first Google Store.

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung all have retail locations. Their brands are everywhere and Google executives plan to do the same.

What exactly will the Google store offer? First and foremost is demos in its own stores. Secondly, with Google Glass to become available sometime in 2014, the company will need the ability to demonstrate and display the product to generate significant sales.  Then of course is the usual Nexus and Chrome OS devices.

Having a retail presence is key to brand building. Apple was the first to realize this, and now all other tech companies are following suit. Google you are next.