Google Maps offers real-time public transit info for Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 10:35 am

Google Canada has some great news for transit riders in Vancouver: Google Maps has live departure times now.

Through the new GTFS real-time API, Google Maps is now able to provide real-time transit information for Vancouverites. It can display predicted departure times (based on GPS data) instead of scheduled departure times. This means riders using Google Maps to plan their trip will be able to know more accurately when they will arrive at their destination. As an added bonus, Google Maps also provides an estimated walking time when you’re off transit.

Vancouverites looking for sun can now get real-time updates on whether a bus to Kits is faster than one to Third Beach!

Since 2007, Google has worked to include public transit routes and schedules in Google Maps. With so many people worldwide using public transit every day, Google Maps aims to provide information for all cities, big and small. The transit data spans six continents, 64 countries and more than 15,000 towns and cities worldwide. In fact, the buses, trains, trams and subways included in Google Maps travel 200 million kilometers every day—that’s the equivalent of driving every single road in the world three times!