5 Gold Medal Game party rules to follow on Sunday

Dec 19 2017, 9:45 am

Once again, Canada will be in the gold medal game in men’s hockey at the Olympics and you haven’t got long to figure out your game plan. Canada plays Sweden at 4 a.m. PST on Sunday morning (yes, that’s early), so start adjusting your sleeping patterns now!

Bars will be permitted to stay open late for the game, but they won’t be allowed to serve alcohol at 4 a.m. If you’re like me you’ll be watching the game, just like any other big game, with a group of about 10 friends at a house party.

I prefer the house party to limit the amount of distractions. Watching the game at a bar is often a bit too chaotic for someone like me (I want to follow the game so I produce beautiful blog posts for my people… right?), and I like to be in control of the surroundings. That’s why I have a few house rules (my close friends already know them well) that apply to watching the game with friends that you should always follow for big games.

1. Get there on time!

Rule #1 is very simple. Get there on time. I don’t care if you’re late for work Monday to Friday, late to school as a child or late for dinner. It’s the Gold Medal Game and it’s at 4 a.m., no excuses. Don’t be that guy (or girl) who shows up five minutes into the first period, someone has to open the door for you, and you start distracting everybody. Which brings me to rule #2…

2. Don’t distract everybody!

The guy that shows up late is also often the guy that distracts everyone by asking everyone how they’re doing and making small-talk at inopportune moments. Which reminds me…

3. Know when to talk

There’s no time for small-talk when the game is on. If you want to talk about the game or yell/freak out, that’s fine. But don’t ask anyone how the wife and kids are doing while Canada is on a 2-on-1 or there’s a goalmouth scramble. It’s game time. If you want to do small talk, get there early or save it for the intermission. If you must talk about non-hockey related matters, wait for a commercial break, a whistle or at least a quiet time during the game (like when the teams are on a line change or something).

By now you might be thinking “Rob is a little bit nuts” or a little bit strict. Well guess what, you may have a point. I’m known as “Rob The Hockey Guy” and I’m willing to wake up for a Gold Medal Game at 4 a.m.. What did you expect?

4. Get geared up

You may not own a jersey and you may not normally wear hockey paraphernalia when you’re watching the game, but cammmannn. It’s the Gold Medal Game. Find a red shirt to wear or something.

5. Know the game

There’s room at my place for casual fans (as long as you have followed rules 1-4 so far), but there’s a minimum knowledge requirement. You don’t need to geek-out like a hockey blogger, but you ought to know what two teams are playing, who the key players are and the fact that they’re playing for a Gold Medal. If you don’t know, Google it beforehand. It’s not hard.

Enjoy the game everybody! And GO, CANADA GO!

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