Glory Juice was just bought out by another major Vancouver health foods company

Apr 28 2023, 3:59 pm

Serving Vancouver for over nine years, Glory Juice has become the city’s go-to spot for fresh cold-pressed juices, nut and seed mylks, smoothies, and more.

With three locations in Olympic Village, Yaletown, and Coal Harbour, they’ve worked to provide high-quality juices with locally-sourced produce that’s free of preservatives and added sugar — while also keeping their operations environmentally conscious by upcycling waste from seed pulp to fruit peels.

Beyond its ongoing collaborations with local farmers in the community, Glory has become the centre of another major partnership with a fellow local health food brand, Pangea Natural Foods Inc., which has recently purchased the juice company.

Shoppers will recognize Pangea’s green boxes and packaging from their local grocery store shelves, with more than 500 stores across Canada and the US now proudly carrying products from the Surrey-based manufacturer, co-packer and distributor.

Pangea’s reach in the health foods sector will now be extended with this new acquisition, through which Glory will continue as the juicery that locals know and love with two to three pounds of fresh, organic produce in every bottle and ingredients sourced sustainably.

Customers can look forward to what’s ahead in the years to come from this acquisition between two amazing wholesome and healthful local companies.

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