Global warming will affect our fish dinners

Dec 19 2017, 4:05 pm

Here in B.C., we pride ourselves on our delicious pink salmon. There is at least one sushi restaurant on every block and crunchy fish and chips at every beach. But according to some new research, all of this may change in the future thanks to global warming, fishing and other human activities.

We already know that global warming will impact us in unimaginable ways. We already feel some of the effects but what will the world look like in a couple of decades?

The Nerus Program, an international research team led by UBC scientists, published some eerie findings in their new report Predicting Future Ocean. Their research, which focuses on the worlds oceans as well as our seafood resources, concludes that our fish dinners will change in the next few decades.

“The types of fish that we will have on our dinner table will be very different in the future,” William Cheung, UBC associate professor and the co-director of the Nereus program, said in a UBC media release. “Fisheries will be catching more warm-water species, with smaller size, and that will affect fish supply through our domestic and oversea fisheries as well as imports.”


They also suggest that these results can potentially be altered if we limit our carbon dioxide emissions and improve our global ocean governance.

Watch this video from the Nippon Foundation that shows where fish will migrate:

[youtube id=”CXQmUaVe4E4″]

The entire report:
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