Montreal Newspaper: "Gino Odjick needs help"

Dec 19 2017, 9:00 am

That’s the headline from Le Journal de Montréal, breaking the story that Gino Odjick was in hospital, for reasons possibly related to the concussions he sustained as an NHL enforcer. 

Odjick, 43, buried his father last week in what can only be imagined as a devastating and traumatic event for him. Over the weekend he was admitted to the psychiatric ward of Pierre-Janet Hospital in Gatineau, Quebec.

Here are a couple of quick excerpts from translated version on the Edmonton Sun website:

Odjick showed worrisome signs of post-concussion syndrome on the weekend and was checked into the psychiatric wing of Pierre-Janet hospital in Gatineau, Que., across the river from Ottawa.

He was very agitated when he was transferred to Gatineau from the Kitigan-Zibi Algonquin community, where he grew up, about 90 minutes north of the nation’s capital.

People who know and love Gino know he’s having cognitive problems. That much was clear to fans who saw his guest appearance last week on a national hockey TV show.

One website reported that Odjick was catatonic, as people with his condition usually are.

They can also have speech problems and behavioral disorders, even depression.

Fortunately, Odjick was taken in at the right time by people who want what’s best for him. Everybody loves Gino.

Odjick has a big heart and is a very likable guy, so obviously all Canucks fans and everyone in the hockey community wish him well. Hopefully he will get the help he needs. As the article said, everyone loves Gino.


Image: Stephen Dyrgas / Flickr