Gilles Lupien fires shots at the Canucks

Dec 19 2017, 4:01 pm

In a recent interview with Roy MacGregor of the Globe and Mail, Gilles Lupien (former agent for Roberto Luongo) directed some choice words towards the Vancouver Canucks organization.

Lupien criticized Gillis for his alleged steep asking price for Luongo. During conversations between player and former agent, Lupien apparently told Luongo that “it’s not your contract that’s the problem it’s what they’re asking for.”

Lupien then criticized the Canucks organization for the way they treated Roberto. The star netminder’s former agent stated “I’ve never seen a star treated like that. I think personally he’s been treated like a piece of paper, a fourth-line player.”

The agent then took shots at the fans and media as well, stating that the local media and fans shunned Luongo. He then described Roberto as a “cornered rat” and stated it was impossible for Luongo “to perform under those circumstances.”

He also criticized Gillis for not making a trade for Luongo stating “it’s okay to say you’re going to trade someone, but then trade him.”

All in all, Lupien made some valid points, however, majority were not valid and came off as sour grapes due to the fact that Luongo fired him as agent this week. Lupien seems to be trying to find a scapegoat for his own short comings.

What do you think Canucks fans? Was the former agent right or completely off base?


Image: Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press

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