The best gifts to get for your outdoor loving friends (without going broke)

Dec 11 2018, 9:32 pm

The holidays are upon us, which means the annual tradition of gift buying and subsequent credit card exhaustion has now begun. If your friends and family are the adventurous sort whose favourite kind of shopping spree takes place at an outdoor recreation store, gifts up their alley can definitely come with a hefty price tag.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve sourced several great gift ideas from MEC for $50 or less that will make you more popular than Santa with your loved ones — and not only are these practical and cool gifts, they are easy on the wallet too.

No matter what their adventure of choice may be, you can make sure every person on your list receives an amazing gift without making a massive dent in your credit card.

For the jetsetter: A set of packing cubes

Travel Light Packing Cube/MEC

Price: $22 — 36

Everyone has that friend who is constantly on the go, but even the savviest of jetsetters don’t always have their own set of packing cubes. These cubes are the most efficient way to organize any luggage, from a suitcase to a backpack. Your beloved traveller will thank you the next time they realize how easy it is to find that pair of socks they previously had to dig through all their stuff to get to.

For the happy camper: A camping pillow

MEC Camping Pillow/MEC

Price: $15 — 19

When it comes to camping, the smallest luxuries really do go a long way. A soft and portable pillow to bust out after tucking into the tent at the end of a long day is sure to please any camper. It packs down small and is filled with cushiony foam pieces for a comfortable rest under the stars.

For the yogi: Joy-a-Toes


Price: $43

Anyone that has ever tried a tree pose will know the importance of being able to stretch out your toes. Joy-a-Toes are designed for the yogi in your life and may not be something they’d ever think to buy for themselves.

For the climber: A chalk bag

Chalk Bag/MEC

Price: $16

Though the essentials are often forgotten when it comes to holiday gifts, they are also the things that prove to be the most valuable. For your friend who is a diehard climber — or someone learning the ropes (pun intended) – a chalk bag is a great gift that is both useful and budget-friendly.

For the hiker: Hiking socks

Stance Outdoor Crew Socks/MEC

Price: $28

You know you’re officially an adult when being given socks as a gift goes from being super boring to the most awesome thing ever. A quality pair of socks is a long-lasting gift that can easily become the item of choice for the hiking enthusiast on your list the next time they head out on an adventure.

For the cottage partier: Outdoor wireless speakers

Outdoor Technology Buckshot 2.0 Wireless Speaker/MEC

Price: $49

For some of us, time outside is best spent with creature comforts, friends, and fun close at hand. When that fun includes a great playlist, a wireless speaker is a perfect choice — and it doesn’t have to break the bank. MEC carries a great wireless speaker for under $50.

For the kayak or canoe enthusiast: A waterproof technology case

Pelican 1050 Micro Case/MEC

Price: $27.95

Perfect for the friend who likes to head out for a paddle, but still wants to be able to document the experience, a waterproof case like those created by Pelican will keep their phone or camera secure and dry.

For the urban explorer: A stylish toque

Chaos Believe Women’s Toque/MEC

Price: $28

Outdoor adventure isn’t limited to the forest or the mountains. A cool toque makes for a warm head in the winter months, and is something your city-loving friends are sure to appreciate the next time it snows when they’re out of town.

For the cyclist: A bike storage rack

Feedback Velo Hinge Bicycle Storage Rack/MEC

Price: $35

An easily installable storage solution, a mountable bicycle rack takes your bike off the floor and onto the wall. The condo or apartment dwelling cyclist on your Christmas list will thank you.

No matter what their adventure of choice may be, you can give every person on your list this year an amazing gift without making a massive dent in your credit card. Both Santa and Scrooge would be proud.

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