Now you can send an interactive greeting card that grows

Dec 19 2017, 10:01 pm

We’ve all faced that moment – you’re trying to choose a special card for someone, but the store’s selection is anything but original.

Budded by two Vancouver entrepreneurs, Gift-a-Green is offering an interactive alternative to traditional greeting cards by introducing ones that grow.

“Traditional greeting cards are wonderful, but the excitement ends as soon as the envelope is opened whereas with Gift-a-Green, this is when the excitement begins,” says Gift-a-Green cofounder, Bryan Kinney.

Gift-a-Green uses pouches filled with seeds including mustard, arugula, sunflower, kale, and radish – all sourced from the Vancouver-based supplier of organic produce, Urban Cultivators.

Image: Gift-a-Green

Image: Gift-a-Green

Around 10 days after the Gift-a-Green pouch is opened and the seeds are watered, edible microgreens will begin to sprout. As of right now, customers can purchase the pouches from retailers such as Indigo and Garden Works as well as several boutique gift stores, yoga studios, cafes and other retailers across the Lower Mainland.

Gift-a-Green is asking Vancouverites for their help to broaden its scope by pitching in to its Kickstarter campaign in order to reach its goal of $20,000. Proceeds will help upgrade the online platform allowing customers to easily customize messages on the microgreen pouches.

Learn more about Gift-a-Green via Facebook and Instagram while showing your support on Kickstarter.

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