Getting to know the 2013 Canucks Prospects

From favourite movies to celebrity crushes, and even a little hockey, Vancity Buzz gets to know some of the top prospects in the Vancouver Canucks organization.

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Hunter Shinkaruk

Position: Left Wing
Drafted: 24th overall (2013)
Born: October 13, 1994

Image: Bill Kostroun / AP

Q: Vancouver is described as a city known for laid back people and beautiful scenery. How would you describe yourself?

Shinkaruk: “I am a pretty laid back guy. I’m competitive on the ice, but I like to have some fun, not too serious.”

Current celebrity crush?

“Kate Upton for sure, she is gorgeous.”

Best movie of all time?

“That’s tough. You know, I kind of liked Iron Man, actually. That was real good. Just the first one. He had some good swag, and seemed like a pretty cool guy.”

Are you hoping to be similar to Iron Man on the ice?

“I hope so, a lot of work to be that good, but maybe one day.”

Favourite sport outside of hockey?

“I really like to watch tennis.”

Who’s your favourite tennis player?

“Rafael Nadal.”

You’re a boxing fan, if Floyd Mayweather came up and challenged you to a fight, what would your immediate reaction be?

“I am a huge Floyd Mayweather fan, I watch all his [fights]. I’d probably say no, ’cause I have seen all his fights, I would just be pumped that he came up and talked to me.”

Bo Horvat

Position: Center
Drafted: 9th overall (2013)
Born: April 5, 1995

Image: James Squire / Getty Images

Q: Do you feel any pressure being traded for a fan favourite in Cory Schneider?

Horvat: “I don’t think there is any pressure. I’m just enjoying the experience, trying not to think about it too much. Just go out there and play my game, and do what do I do best and try to prove to the Canucks organization that I can be here, keep getting better, and keep showing them that they made the right decision.”

Did you play any other sports growing up in Ridley, Ontario?

“I played a little bit of soccer, and tried to golf.”

Either Gretzky or Lemieux. Which player would you pick to start a team with?

“I’d have to say Gretzky. His play making ability and scoring touch makes him my pick.”

Most embarrassing hockey moment?

“I fell last year skating backwards right in front of the bench, and their team gave it to me pretty good.”

Favourite movie of all time?

“Geez, there are a lot of good movies. I’m always a comedy guy, so I’d have to go with Step Brothers.”

Current celebrity crush?

“Oh, I don’t know about that one.”
(Told him Shinkaruk said Kate Upton)
“Probably in the same boat, we might have to go at it a little bit during the season.”

Out of any NHL city you have been to, or will go to, which one are you most looking forward to the most?

“I would definitely say this one. I haven’t been here before. Everyone keeps telling me how beautiful the city is, being here I can see why. It is an unbelievable city, the scenery and all the buildings, it’s amazing here.”

Frank Corrado

Position: Defense
Drafted: 150th overall (2011)
Born: March 26, 1993

Image: Jeff Vinnick

Q: What are you looking forward to most about the upcoming season?

Corrado: “It’s a new experience. A new coach, and trying to make the team full time.”

Toughest NHL player you have played against?

“I’d say Raffi Torres. He hit me pretty good, he’s a big guy, and really strong.”

Best movie of all time?

“Happy Gilmore, I’m a big Adam Sandler fan. It’s got a little hockey, a little golf and a little craziness.”

Current celebrity crush?

“I don’t know,” (laughs) “I can’t reveal that.”

What NHL city are you looking forward to visiting most this season?

“I have never been to LA, I think it’ll be pretty cool to see and hang out there for a little bit.”

Cory Schneider was known to do great impressions of AV. With him gone, will you be the one doing impressions of coach John Tortorella?

“Absolutely not,” (laughs) “although I could do a good one of the Brooksie incident.”

Jordan Subban

Position: Defense
Drafted: 115th overall (2013)
Born: March 3, 1995

Image: Bill Wippert / Getty Images

Q: Who do you model your game after?

Subban: “I try to model my game after Brian Rafalski. He was a great player, a little smaller just like I am, but had a tremendous career.”

Did you play any other sports growing up?

“I played soccer as well. I was pretty good, always faster than everyone else.”

Q: You and your older brothers, PK (2012-13 Norris Trophy winner from the Montreal Canadiens) and Malcolm (Boston Bruins first round selection in 2012) grew up together in Rexdale. If we asked your father Karl which one of you did the best with the ladies growing up, who he would say?


Current celebrity crush?

“Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, Beyonce, Rihanna… there’s so many.”

Best movie of all time?

“Any WIll Smith Movie.”

Most embarrassing hockey moment?

“Oh, I got a few. Anytime I try to fight. I have had a couple of bad ones, but I got a couple of wins too.”