Get your holiday glow on with a SkinCeuticals treatment

Dec 19 2017, 5:14 pm

Dear Santa,
If you’re reading this, we need your help!
Everywhere we look, our friends, our colleagues, even our barista at Starbucks, have that beautiful holiday glow. Santa, our dull, dry and sensitive skin is not looking so good (we almost don’t want to go out to parties!) If we could wake up on Christmas morning with healthy-looking, smooth and glowing skin, we’d promise to be on our best behaviour all next year. šŸ™‚
Help us get our holiday glow on, Santa.

If only it could be as easy as writing to Santa.

Hmmm, perhaps it isn’t as difficult as we think. We know exactly who we need to go to for help…Kristy Livingston!

Kristy is the medical aesthetician and a skincare advisor at Vancouver’s Project Skin MD. A skincare genius with many years of experience under her belt, Kristy provides clients with non-surgical treatments, such as clinical peels, medical facials, dermaplaning, and skincareĀ consultations,Ā at the SkinCeuticals Advanced Clinical Spa, located on the inviting first floor of Project Skin MD.

Get your holiday glow

We’ve had facials before, but we’ve really never seen the radiance, or that ‘glow’ we were hoping for, after our treatments. So then, why would we want to spend more money to receive a SkinCeutical treatment?

One reason is that pharmaceutical-grade products are used during facial treatments, which really target skin concerns.

“Our products [SkinCeuticals] are formulated to penetrate through the epidermal layer, so we are actually able to create change. Whereas, with a lot of spa formulas, they aren’t strong enough to target more persistent skin conditions, like hyper-pigmentation and acne and rosacea,” shared Kristy. We also appreciate that Kristy tailors every treatment to the individualā€™s skin type and concerns, for optimal results.

When we asked what treatment would best help usĀ achieve that holiday glow we so wanted, Kristy advised, the Glow Peel ($150). “It’s gentle, but effective, and instantly creates that ‘glow’,” she said.

The Glow Peel utilizes glycolic and lactic acid, and is designed to minimize the appearance of surface lines, smooth out rough skin, aid in clearing acne, and help fade hyperpigmentation. After a mere 60 minutes, you’re left with an instant glow and brightness to the skin. Sounds perfect!

Dermaplaning, as an add-on ($70), was also recommended. It’s a unique exfoliation treatment, which utilizes gentle strokes of a surgical blade (okay, don’t be alarmed, we promise it’s perfectly safe!) to lift superficial dull skin cells and fine vellus hair (that unwanted peach fuzz.) Dermaplaning helps increase the absorption of skincare products deep into the epidermis, and offers instantly smoother, softer and glowing skin. And, we personally love that our makeup sits on our skin so much better due to the lack of facial ‘fluff’. Check out the video below of Kristy performing dermaplaning.

[youtube id=”wNEyeWb6Xo8″ mode=”normal” align=”center” autoplay=”no”]

With the Glow Peel, demaplaning, and most of the SkinCeuticals treatments offered at Project Skin MD, there is no, or very little downtime. You can enjoy that customized medical facial or peel, receive a complimentary Colorscience mineral makeup application, and then go straight to that festive soiree!

Project Skin MD is located at 1495 West 11th Avenue.

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