Get to know Similkameen Valley's two stellar fruit wineries

Dec 19 2017, 4:41 pm

For an alternative to the more typical red, white, and rose wines, fruit wines can be a delightful option. Two fruit wineries based in B.C.’s Similkameen Valley are producing beautiful, exciting fruit wines to rival many grapes–and they’re not just for dessert.

Rustic Roots Winery

Right in the heart of Cawston is Rustic Roots Winery, which is a part of Harkers’ fifth generation organic family farm. The farm grows organic crops and tree fruits and distributes their produce to several area restaurants. In just the few short years they’ve been making fruit wine, Rustic Roots has taken home several awards for their bottles.

Rustic Roots makes three apple-based sparkling wines; Pippin is made with Pippin apples and organic nectarines, while their Fameuse uses organic Fameuse apples from the nearly century-old apple tree depicted on their label and Santa Rosa Plums.

They also make dessert wines, including an Apricot and a Santa Rosa Plum, however their dinner wines are standouts. The Apple Pear is a crisp white that works well with foods like roasted pork, and their Plum, made with organic Santa Rosa plums, can hold its own against your favourite rose, thanks to its balance of sweetness and acidity.

Rustic Roots’ wine availability is listed online here.

Address: 2238 Hwy 3, Cawston
Phone: 250-499-2454


Forbidden Fruit Winery

This boutique winery is located in Cawston on Ven’Amour Organic Farms, and uses certified organic and sustainably farmed fruits for their wines. If Forbidden Fruit reminds you of something perhaps Biblical in nature, you’d be on the right track, and their wines are tempting, indeed, and a refreshing and intriguing alternative to traditional grape wines.

White peaches go into Forbidden Fruits Speachless wine, while Pearsuasion swaps in pears in a vibrant table white. More on the red spectrum, Cherysh makes use of beautiful cherries for an off-dry rose that’s quite light, and a blend of plums goes into Forbidden Fruit’s ruby-red Plum Noir, which works great with a broad spectrum of food, from rich cheeses to lighter seafood dishes.

Forbidden Fruit’s dessert wines shine, in particular their inventive port-style Bliss, which is made with white Rainier cherries. Definitely a nice addition to a dinner party if you like to continue drinking wine with the dessert course–or just drink a dessert wine.

Forbidden Fruit’s Vancouver-area availability is listed here.

Address: 620 Sumac Road, Cawston
Phone: 250-499-2649