Gastown Shopping Trips

Dec 19 2017, 5:03 am

Whether you’re a fashionista who’s behind on the trends this summer, or a shlump who’s about to nominate yourself for TLC’s WHAT NOT TO WEAR, we all have wardrobe and clothing issues. Perhaps you’ve thought of hiring a professional to help you, but are too ashamed to bring them to your closet for fear that they’ll see the stash of clothes you’ve kept since 1984. Or your dated shoe collection including grandpa’s velcro Adidas runners from the 70’s!

In come experts Jessie Carlson and Michelle Addison of Jessie Carlson Wardrobe. These style mavens have been working with Vancouver women for a combined 18 years – remember that woman you saw fiercely walking down the street and thought “Daaamn!”? There’s a chance they may have helped to dress her.

In a fun environment over drinks and treats, Carlson and Addison are holding three private Gastown Shopping Trips at three of Gastown’s coveted boutiques: The Block, One of a Few, and Obakki. For three hours, you’ll get to shop your heart out but also get one-on-one style advice and expertise from these two women. Come with your mom, your sisters, cousins, daughters, or grandmas – these trips are sure to open your eyes up to the world of shopping in one of Vancouver’s most historic neighbourhoods.

Gastown Shopping Trips
Dates: Sunday August 7 and Sunday August 14
Fee: $145 per person
To register, email [email protected]
For more info, visit