Game of Thrones Star Jason Momoa Cast as Aquaman and DC's Movie Line-Up Revealed

Dec 19 2017, 10:59 am

Rumours have been going around that Jason Momoa was set to be cast as The King of the Atlantans way back in December of 2013 and now it seems that those rumours are getting confirmed.

A recent source told The Hollywood Reporter that Jason is indeed going to be playing the role with a possible cameo in next years Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, with an even bigger role coming in the eventual Justice League film.

New-52-Justice-League-Roster 2

A list was also leaked earlier last week revealing DC’s movie line up for next few years by an inside source. The list includes the following.


July 2016 – SHAZAM

Dec 2016 – SANDMAN


July 2017 – WONDER WOMAN


May 2018 – MAN OF STEEL 2

Although none of this has been confirmed by the studio, Kevin Smith has seemed to confirm the news himself. In a recent episode of Smith’s podcast Hollywood Babble-On, his podcast partner Ralph Garmin brought up the rumour on the show and Kevin had this to say.

“Yeah, that’s what I heard. That’s what I was told.”

“That just gave me a reason to live, man. Like, who’s that chick who don’t wanna live? Lana del Ray? Show her this f*ckin’ list. This is a list that would make f*ckin’ grumpy cat smile, dude. Everything about this list is perfect.”


When asked how did Kevin Smith know all of this, he replied


“‘Cause I know people mother f*cker.”


Kevin Smith has had a long standing relationship with Warner Bros Studios and DC Comics for the better part of his career and is also currently working on a Batman ’66 comic book depicting the Adam West TV show. So I’d say his confirmation on these projects is legit and safe to say that this is the direction that DC and Warner Bros are heading with.


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