Future of Metro Vancouver water could be pay-per-use

Dec 19 2017, 4:24 pm

As B.C. burns and the thirsty sun soaks up our declining water supply, the only control we have over the issue is our water consumption.

Most of us are considerate as we follow evolving water restrictions. We might even go as far as shutting off the tap when we brush our teeth.

Metro Vancouver could implement water metering as an option to reduce our consumption even further. In an interview with News1130, the regional district’s Utilities Chair Darrell Mussatto says that in the future, pay-by-use system may be the solution.

“Once you start paying per volume, we’re able to regulate use a bit more,” he said. “If you want to reduce the use, you just raise the price a bit, and people respond accordingly.

“Each individual user would be billed accordingly. People tend to make changes when they’re hit in the pocketbook.”

Most municipalities across Canada outside of B.C. already operate with this pay-by-use system.