Experience insanely futuristic home technologies at this Vancouver event

Dec 22 2017, 12:03 am

Ever wonder what the home of the future looks like?

Virtual reality, touch screens, and instant access to digital features on a scale much bigger than being able to control your TV with your smartphone. We’re talking fast, game-changing advances in technology that make life both easier and more enjoyable.

Reality check – it’s happening right now and you can see for yourself at the TELUS Future Home. Located at the Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival at the PNE, the concept condo gives you a sneak peek at smart-home innovations on the horizon. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the most cutting-edge technology, and it’s happening from now until Friday, January 5.

Although some of the technologies inside the home are now available, many are still a few years out so you’ll get to channel some futuristic vibes while you’re there.

Here’s a closer look at seven cool features you’ll get to see and play with at the TELUS Future Home, all powered by the high-speed, reliable TELUS PureFibre network.

Biometric security system

It doesn’t matter if you forget your keys in the home of the future. In fact, it’s no problem because biometric security systems will allow you to lock and unlock your home using facial recognition. This means your home will be safer and more secure.

Smart EcoHub

Everyone wants to do their bit for the environment however they can. And a smart EcoHub will help you make your home greener by monitoring eco-friendly devices and lowering our energy consumption – so you’ll be doing something positive for the environment before you even step out of your home.

Intelligent kitchen

Those moments when you’re standing in front of your cabinets, pondering what you can cook with the few ingredients that you have will be a thing of the past when you have a meal-planning fridge. No joke. It’s part of an intelligent kitchen and it makes life easier for you when it comes to preparing healthy and delicious food. This is complemented by a smart stove that provides step-by-step cooking instructions and a calorie-counting countertop.

Connected home office

Having the ability to work at home is a gift in itself but when you can work in a connected home office with an interactive touch table, things are a lot better and seamlessly synced. And when you think about it, it could even make traditional commuting a thing of the past because you could connect with your colleagues and customers over high-definition video conferencing.

Future home gym

It’s not going to be necessary to leave your house at 7 am to workout when you’ve got all you need at your place. This kind of gym would help keep us healthier by making exercising an engaging and immersive experience. Plus, home health monitors would allow us to conduct personal health assessments and share information with medical professionals from the comfort of our home. Yes, that means no more extended waits in the doctor’s office.

Connected cameras and sensors

Have you ever wished you could see how your children, pets, or plants are doing while you’re away? Well with connected cameras and sensors, you’ll be able to see how they are at home right on your smartphone. It means you could be lounging on a beach in South East Asia and have peace of mind like never before.

Digital art

Sometimes a change of scenery or your surroundings can completely change your mood. So when you’ve got digital art that will bring your décor to life and change the look of your wall to suit your mood, that’s pretty epic.

And that’s the future of home technology that TELUS is helping connect. You need to see it at the TELUS Future Home to believe it!

The TELUS Future Home comes after the telecommunications company announced that it’s investing $1 billion to connect Vancouver homes and businesses to the TELUS PureFibre network. The network offers symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and one terabyte of data usage.

By using a fibre optic network, which is the most advanced communication technology available in the world today, TELUS is building the connection of the future across Alberta and British Columbia.

And once the TELUS PureFibre network is complete, connected homes and businesses will immediately experience dramatically faster Internet speeds and communities will have more than enough capacity to meet growing demand for generations to come.

TELUS Future Home

When: Now until January 5, 2018

  • Sunday to Thursday; 5 to 10 pm
  • Friday to Saturday; 5 to 11 pm

Where: Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival, at the PNE (2901 East Hastings Street)

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