Future Free Agents: Alex Burrows

With all the talk about NHL Free Agency, VancityBuzz takes a look at who the Canucks have eligible for free agency next year, starting with Alex Burrows.

Alex Burrows
Current Cap Hit: $2,000,000
Previous Seasons Stats:
2010 – 82 GP/35 Goals/32 Assists
2011 – 72 GP/22 Goals/26 Assists 
2012 – 80 GP/28 Goals/24 Assists

Let’s be clear. There is absolutely no chance that Alex Burrows doesn’t re-sign in Vancouver. Now stranger things have happened, but is the thought of Burr in a uniform other than Vancouver’s even imaginable? This is the team that gave him a chance, shaped him, and one that he’s now become a hero and fan favorite for. With his skill set and worth to the Canucks it’s very likely that Burrows will finish his career in Vancouver.

The lone question then becomes what the terms of his new contract will be. At age 31, Burrows would typically be entering the latter end of his prime years, but because of his chemistry with the Sedins and his style of play, it’s not out of the question for him to keep up his production past, say the age of 34. In addition, because he’s put up such good numbers in recent season, he’ll likely be looking for a significant raise on the 2 million dollars he’s been making.

What’s reasonable to expect money-wise is something in the 3.25-4 million dollar range, similar to what Wayne Simmonds got from Philadelphia this summer (23.85 million over 6 years). Length-wise, it’s unlikely the Canucks will want to offer anything that extends past the age of 36. With Burrows’ style of play it’s likely that it will have taken a toll on his body and he won’t be able to play up to the same standards that we’ve come to expect from him.

Prediction: Five year deal with a 3.5 million dollar cap hit.

If there’s a lockout: Should the NHL undergo a shortened season or no season at all, it’s unlikely this will affect any terms of Burrows’  stay in Vancouver. He’s that important to the Canucks.