FUSE Kettlebell & Yoga

Vancouver Kettlebell Training has teamed up with Yoga On The Flow to bring you a unique, balanced workout.  Our FUSE classes are the ultimate workout and our ‘Get In, Get Out’ frame of mind ensures you get twice the results in half the time.

We start our classes with an intense Kettlebell workout brought to you by Darren Young, Agatsu Kettlebell Certified Instructor. With Kettlebells, it takes time and dedication to perfect the techniques – which is why we created this 7 class series. In this portion of the class, Darren will  teach everyone first how to hone these techniques, and then how to use your own body to generate explosive power. Every person is stronger than what they believe. These workouts are time efficient, effective, functional and concise. Kettlebell defies the conventional gym mentality of isolating muscle groups for the largest, fastest gains and instead, provides full body workouts that get all cylinders pumping.  Whether you want to get a perfect, sculpted body for beach season, lose weight quickly, improve your athletic ability, strength and endurance for any sport, or train to be a Police Officer/fire fighter, Kettlebell will help reach everyone’s individual goals.

In the second portion of the class Sharan, RYT200, will show you how to stretch out the muscles you just worked out, relax the nervous system and restore any lost vitality.  Stretching is an extremely important part of any fitness regimen that people often skip or leave out – which is why we have incorporated it into our classes.  Yoga stretches can help to relieve or reduce the lactic acid buildup in muscles that typically occurs while they are under strain; this helps to reduce or prevent stiffness and soreness in the days following a workout.  Stiff muscles have a greater risk of injury due to their limited mobility along with the strain that is placed on supportive muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Challenge yourself to achieve a new level of fitness in less than 60 minutes a day and Sign Up for our classes today!  .

Where: Creekside Community Centre

When: Starting Jan. 10th – Thursday 5:45PM – 6:45PM

Video: Produced by Alex Yu from Ragin Ronin Productions

Featured Image: Richard Kwai Photography

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